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Maintain Your Pool’s Cleanliness

With service from Oasis Pools & Spas Ltd. in Calgary, you’ll never have to mix, measure or mess around with liquid or tablet chlorine again! Now you can turn household salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine for your pools and spas. Electronic chlorination has become the simple, safe and affordable industry standard compared to harsh, chemically-produced chlorine sanitization systems. We offer several sanitization systems, including:

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Salt Chlorine Generators/Chemistry Automation Systems

Imagine if your pool could self-adjust, automatically test its own chemistry and balance and sanitize your water all by itself? What if you always knew what the water needed and could adjust continuously, eliminating unhealthy highs and lows? Your water would be brilliant and balanced at every moment. A  chemistry automation system can do just that!

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Remote Pool Management Systems

Hayward® Aqua Connect gives you 3 ways to manage essential pool and spa functions. Aqua Connect Web will enable you to control your pool via the internet. Aqua Connect Home Network communicates with your pool online, even on your tablet or mobile device! Aqua Connect Home Automation allows your pool and spa controller to interface seamlessly with your home automation system so that one keypad or display panel can handle home theatre equipment, security systems, lighting controls, landscape sprinklers and other backyard systems!

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Chlorine Application Systems

Hayward® chlorine machines are the easy, economical and professional way to chlorinate your pool automatically. Hayward®’s efficient, corrosion-proof automatic feeders install easily on new or existing pools or spas and hold up to 9 lbs. of large or small Tri-Chlor slow dissolving tablets or sticks, enough to provide a 3 week supply of chlorine sanitizer for large pools and longer for smaller pools. The easy to use integral dial control valve lets you accurately adjust the rate of chlorination needed to keep your pool sparkling pure and inviting.

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Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Chlorination

Owning a pool is fun but owning your own chlorine system is smart. Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Chlorination is your own self-contained compact sanitizing system which fulfils all of your pool’s sanitizing needs. Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Chlorination produces chlorine from a small amount of salt that is added to your pool water. This process is known as electrolytic generation. Not only is chlorine generated from this process, but the generated chlorine then converts back to salt to be used over and over again. You save time, labour, materials, and best of all—you save money!


Oasis Pools & Spas has a wide array of chemicals in our Calgary showroom to keep your pool fresh and inviting throughout the year. Speak to one of our friendly staff members who will be happy to direct you to the perfect line of products for your backyard oasis.

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